General Terms

These General Terms and Conditions of Business (hereinafter referred to as the General Conditions) establish the relations between the users of internet (hereinafter, the User or Users) within the private area of the Web page (hereinafter, the Website) and Adventurees Alliance SL (hereinafter the SUPPORTER) , with C.I.F. B76712066.

These General Terms and Conditions shall apply jointly. with the Legal Notice, Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy of the SUPPORTER, and any other document that regulates aspects of the Website, without that one prevails over the other.

1. Consent

Registration by Users on the Website is subject to the prior express acceptance of all the General Conditions in force at the time the User accesses the Web Site. If User does not agree with the content or any part of the content of the these Terms and Conditions may not be registered on the Website, not being able to access or dispose of the services offered therein. The User must carefully read these Terms and Conditions each time that you access or use any service through the Web Site, as they could to be modified.

The SUPPORTER reserves the right to refuse at any time, without prior notice. need for prior notice and without right to compensation, access to the Site Web to those Users who do not comply with these General Conditions or the particulars applicable to them in each case. If I had reasonable grounds for believing that a use has been made which infringes the General Conditions, will be authorized to cancel the contract. and delete the Profile of the offending User.

The User is informed and expressly accepts that his personal data shall be incorporated into an automated file, the ownership of which corresponds to to the SUPPORTER. The User is informed and expressly accepts that their data may be assigned in accordance with the Privacy Policy. Users may at any time exercise their rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition, in the manner described in the Privacy Policy of the SUPPORTER.

The General Conditions contained herein are applicable to all of the following forms of access made to the Website, including the Internet, via mobile phone or any other device.

The User declares to be of legal age and to have the legal capacity sufficient to be bound by the General Conditions. Likewise, accepts expressly and without exception that access and use of the Web Site, its services and contents takes place under its control. sole and exclusive responsibility.

These General Conditions do not exclude the possibility that certain services or utilities offered by means of the Website are submitted to special conditions, which in any case may be consulted by the User before its activation and hiring.

The access to the Web Site is free, free and its visualization does not require previous subscription or registration. However, access to the private area of the Website, some of the services and content offered by the SUPPORTER or third parties through it are subject to registration or payment previous.

The SUPPORTER reserves to the User the right to carry out without prior notice notice of any changes and modifications to the Site that it deems appropriate Web and the present General Conditions.

2. Registration

When the User registers by completing the Registration Form acknowledges having had knowledge of the content of the present General Conditions, of the Legal Notice, of the Privacy Policy and of the Cookies and expressly declares that you accept them.

If the User registers on behalf of a legal person, he guarantees and certifies that it has all the rights and powers necessary for the implementation of the acceptance of these General Conditions on behalf of the person the legal entity it represents.

The User guarantees that the data provided to the SUPPORTER are true and correct. If you have provided false or misleading information. inaccurate, the SUPPORTER reserves the right to prohibit you from accessing the Website.

Users will be responsible for proper custody and confidentiality of your password, and undertake not to transfer its use to third parties, nor to allow access to others. It will be the responsibility of the Users unlawful use of the Website by any illegitimate third party who use a password because of an inappropriate use or because of the loss of the same by the User.

The User has the obligation to immediately notify the SUPPORTER of any event involving the misuse of passwords, such as loss or unauthorised access for the purpose of immediate loss or unauthorised access cancellation. As long as these facts are not communicated, the SUPPORTER will be exempted from any liability that might arise from such use unauthorized third parties.

3. Profile and contents

Once registered, Users will have a profile in the private area of the SUPPORTER website that will include information about them and will have the possibility of uploading different contents (hereinafter, the Profile), such as, but not limited to, videos, images, music, text, links, etc. as well as trademarks, logos and other elements protected by the Property Intellectual and Industrial (hereinafter, the Content). Users understand and agree that they are solely responsible for comments and/or allusions you may make in your Profile or that of other Users and guarantee to the SUPPORTER that it holds the permits and authorisations of all intellectual and industrial property rights of and over the intellectual property of Content, as well as the authorization of the holders of the data of personal character and/or of the images that may be included in the above-mentioned Content you may publish in your Profile.

The User expressly warrants that all Content that he or she uses or provide or infringe the exclusive rights of any third party to any nature, nor does it infringe the right to honor, privacy or one's own image of people or any third party. In this way the User declares and guarantees that the Content does not infringe these General Conditions and who is solely responsible, with full indemnity to the SUPPORTER, for any claim (judicial or extrajudicial) that arises or could arise for the use of such Content. Likewise, Users undertake to that none of the Contents used contains prohibited elements, such as viruses or spam, or links to them.

IMPORTANT: the SUPPORTER warns the Users that once registered shall have access to the private area of the Community, including information provided in the profiles of other Users, such as, for example, the related to the Projects, so the Users understand and accept that any "private" information relating to the profiles of others Users and their Projects, is considered as confidential and may not be disclosed, copied or used by Users.

4. Workspace

All registered Users will have access to their workspace, where they will be able to to make use of the functional modules included therein in the number and scope I've ever hired. The main functional modules of the work are:

a. Project management

The User will be able to register projects, upload information, as well as save and update it at all times. The User may request that any of your projects is published on the SUPPORTER Website. It will be at the sole discretion of the SUPPORTER whether or not to publish the project.

b. Access the Goldsmith ® Module for project preparation and calculation of the Score

In certain cases, the User can visualize his degree of preparation through the Goldsmith Score incorporated into the Website. The Goldsmith Score makes it possible to evaluate Projects on the basis of a series of objective criteria based on the Goldsmith ® Model, a contrasted model of analysis and business validation developed by the North American H. Randall Goldsmith Ph.D. The Goldsmith Score includes, but is not limited to, the following analysis:

  • Panel Goldsmith ®: provides a picture of the actual progress status of the and generates a score that indicates the robustness of the business. for the phase of development in which it finds itself. For example, a Pre-seed business will get a very high score, even if it is not at a very advanced level, if it has addressed and validated the relevant issues at their level.

  • Quick Analysis: evaluates the investor attractiveness of a company's business. and systematized way, questioning the aspects of the that are often addressed in investment processes. (related to the equipment, products, market, business, proposal to investors, valuation, shareholders' agreement, etc.).

  • Entrepreneur: evaluates the capacity, credentials and commitment of the company. entrepreneur and his team to undertake the project.

  • Product: analyzes the status of the product, its scalability, its market and its risks.

  • Business plan: analyzes the robustness of the product, market, management and execution, and business finance.

  • US Export Model: evaluates the capacity of the business to enter the market. North American market.

  • Risks: evaluates the main risk factors of the business that affect your valuation.

  • Valuation: up to 5 different valuation methods to be able to to have references when it comes to knowing how much each can be worth. business.

c. Invite collaborators and mentors

Any User who creates a project can invite other collaborators and mentors to share their workspace of the project, with the purpose of of being able to improve it together. The SUPPORTER may also assign to collaborators and mentors to the User's workspace. The User will be responsible for all activities carried out by the collaborator in his or her home country. working space, being able to exclude it in case of not being in conformity with its participation.

d. Controlling the visibility of project documents

Any User who creates a project can control, at any time, the visibility of the project documents, choosing the "private" mode - the information will not be accessible to all Platform Users, but only to those Users invited - or "public" - allows the access to information to any User.

e. Delete the project

The User who creates a project can delete it at any time.

5. Profile Page

The SUPPORTER allows Users to create their own page (from now on, the Profile Page) and share the Content relating to your Profile, always subject to Legal Notice, the Privacy Policy and that of Cookies, and the General Conditions.

The User Profile Page may have its own web address and, Users will be able to upload as much Content as they wish, always subject to the conditions mentioned in the previous clause referred to Content.

6. User account

All Users will be able to manage their account data, such as e-mail, passwords and other information about your profile from the "My Account" section of your private area. You can also delete your user account at at any time, accepting that such action will remove all the information from the content of the Website created by the User.

7. Library

Registered Users will be able to access training resources and tools that will be accessible from the private area. Users understand that some of these resources will be free and others may be free. of payment.

8. Administration zone

Some registered users will have Administration rights to manage the content, projects and Users of the platform of the IMPULSE.

9. Exit

Any User can, at any time, leave the private area by clicking on the "Exit" section of the private space.

10. Guarantees and obligations of the Users

The User warrants to the SUPPORTER that the data provided are true and complete. that it has sufficient legal capacity, the consents of the parties to the agreement. and the necessary authorizations for the acceptance of the present ones General Conditions, as well as for the publication of the project or projects that has been discharged. The SUPPORTER informs the User that he will be able to check the data and information provided to verify your identity.

The User warrants to the SUPPORTER that it is not disabled pursuant to the following provided for in Law 22/2003, of 9 July, on Insolvency, or regulations equivalent of other Member States of the European Union, nor is it in any way serving a sentence for the commission of crimes or misdemeanors against him. patrimony, money laundering, the socioeconomic order, the Treasury and Social Security.

The User understands and accepts that the activities carried out by the SUPPORTER and the information provided about the Projects do not constitute financial advisory activities or financial services activities investment, nor do they constitute recommendations by the SUPPORTER. For this reason, the User may not hold the SUPPORTER responsible for the decisions made by the User in relation to the projects or activities of the other Users.

The User warrants to the SUPPORTER that it is solely responsible for the following comments and/or allusions that you may make, as well as the contents to include in the Project, such as, but not limited to, the following videos, photographs, texts, brands, logos, trade names, articles, personal data, etc. (hereinafter, the Content). The User holds the permission and authorizations of all Intellectual Property rights of and on the Contents, as well as the authorization of the of the personal data and/or images that may be included in the website. be included in that Content. In addition, the User expressly warrants that all Content that you use or provide does not infringe exclusive rights of third parties of any nature, nor does it infringe rights to honor, the privacy or the own image of persons or third parties. In this way, the User declares and warrants that it is solely responsible, with complete indemnity to the SUPPORTER, of any claim (judicial or extrajudicial) that arises or may arise from the use of such Content.

The User grants an authorization and cession of all the rights of the Content, both Intellectual Property, Industrial Property and Image for that the SUPPORTER can publish and promote the Project or Projects that the User has registered.

The User warrants to the SUPPORTER and is obliged to ensure that all information provided is true, true and complete, so you will be responsible for the information provided by the SUPPORTER for publication.

The User warrants to the SUPPORTER that it is obliged to comply with these General Conditions, the Legal Advice, the Privacy Policy and the Cookies Policy, respecting the public interest, current law and the demands of good faith.

Taking all of the above into account, the SUPPORTER may, without having the obligation, review, correct, modify, delete, or communicate to the User to modify the information and Content provided, if deemed appropriate necessary.

11. Responsibility and guarantees of the SUPPORTER

The SUPPORTER shall not be liable for any obligations undertaken and/or rights that they would have acquired by the contract made between them. Users It will be the Users themselves who will be responsible for the fulfillment of the commitments undertaken and acquired for these purposes.

The SUPPORTER has no obligation to and does not control the use that the Users make the Web Site, its contents and services offered. Thus, the SUPPORTER does not guarantee that Users will use the Site Web, its contents and the services offered in accordance with these General Conditions, nor that they do so in a diligent and prudent manner.

The SUPPORTER disclaims any liability for damages and damage of any kind likely to be caused by the presence of a virus in the environment. contents that may cause alterations in the computer system, electronic documents, files, etc.

The SUPPORTER has the right to suspend temporarily and without notice the accessibility to the Web Site, as for example in the case of necessity for the maintenance of the Web Site or for reasons of security of the Web Site. Web Site, as well as to reserve the right to provide or cancel the services or the Web Site permanently, trying to put it the Users' prior knowledge, provided that the circumstances of the case so let them.

The SUPPORTER has the right, but not the obligation, to oppose and/or remove any User Content that violates these Terms General and any of its Policies, from the moment you have effective knowledge, as well as to deny or terminate access to the Site Web to any person or entity at the discretion of the SUPPORTER.

The SUPPORTER makes a System available to Users and third parties. for the filing and resolution of complaints or grievances by Web Site Users. For this purpose, the presentation of the complaint or shall preferably be effected by computer means, provided that to allow the reading, printing and conservation of the documents that are the complaint or claim, by sending it to the following address email:

12. Miscellaneous

The present General Conditions constitute the total agreement between the SUPPORTER and the User in relation to the object of this document. It may be amended by the publication of a revised version.

If any clause of the present General Conditions were to be declared wholly or partially null and void or ineffective shall affect only that provision or part thereof which is null and void or unenforceable, subsisting in everything else the rest of the General Conditions and having such disposition or the part thereof which is affected by not being put into use except for which, being essential to the present General Conditions, would have been to affect them comprehensively.

Users may unsubscribe from the Profile at any time, without prior notice. of those obligations that they had acquired, communicating their commitment to the decision to the SUPPORTER at the following address: The cancellation of the Profile will result in the closure of the Profile and does not entitle the User. to any compensation.

The General Conditions will be valid for an indefinite period of time as from of the moment in which the User receives an email confirming its registration on the Website or until the User notifies the SUPPORTER of the registration. intention to cancel your Profile.

The SUPPORTER and/or Users shall in no event be liable or responsible for breach of these General Conditions in the event of delay, or failure to comply with them due to force majeure, in the event of referred to in the legislation.

Users may not assign in whole or in part, onerously or free of charge, the rights or obligations acquired in these Conditions General If this prohibition is breached, the SUPPORTER may cancel the Profile of the User, without prejudice to his right to exercise the actions that in their case they proceed for damages and prejudices that could be caused by the to be created for that cause.

13. Applicable law and jurisdiction

These General Conditions, as well as any relationship between Users and the SUPPORTER shall be governed by Spanish law. In case of conflict in the application or interpretation of these General Terms and Conditions, the The parties submit to the Courts and Tribunals of Madrid.

Without prejudice to the foregoing, when the User is considered to be Consumers may claim their rights as such, both in Spain and in their country of origin. Member State of residence in the European Union.

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