Meet our speakers

Ignacio Villoch

Open Innovation Senior Ecosystem Builder BBVA

Carlos López-Moctezuma

Global Head New Business Models, Open Banking and Innovation at BBVA

Yael H. Oaknin

Co-founder and CEO of Adventurees

Gabriel Ayala

Founder at Suscrip.com

Oscar Anzola

Founder of WayApp Pay

Miguel Camiña

Cofundador de MiCappital

Antoni Guitart Ventura

Founder and CEO of Billage

Lorena Guerrero

VP Sales at Whenwhyhow

Enrique de Nova

CEO of Loonfy

Miguel Rangel

CFO of Invisible Collector

Alejandro Villalonga

CEO of Lendmarket

David Lozano

CEO at Aftberbanks and Angel Investor

Nacho Loscos

Expert in Digital Strategy and Angel Investor

Pablo Solana

CEO at ATI Consult and Angel Investor

Gonzalo Tradacete

Managing Partner at Faraday Venture Partners

Pedro Antón

Angel Investor & Board member

César Bardají Vivancos

Angel Investor, Non-executive Director, Senior Advisor

Merce Tell

Managing Partner of Nekko Capital

Arturo Gonzalez

Vice President at the Spanish Association of Fintech and Insurtech and CEO at Eurobits

Javier Smith

CEO at ET Institute & How to do business in the US

Javier Mera

Founder at Linx Capital

Javier de Alfonso

CEO at Llamada Automática and Shareholder at Adventurees

Sebastián Gonzalez

Director at Chilean Venture Capital Association & Wayra Chile

Ben Banerjee

President at SIIA & Senator for Switzerland at World Business Angel Investment Forum

Luis Ilizaliturri

VP Banking & Financial at Softtek

Pilar Gómez

Investment Director at Fides Capital

Jorge Barón

Investment Analyst at Adara Ventures

Guillermo Prieto

COO at Adventurees and Angel Investor

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