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Miguel Rangel
CFO of Invisible Collector
Many times in life you need a stroke of luck to be able to progress and that is what happened to us in 2019. BBVA, Adventurees and his team believed in our project and have chosen us to participate in the BBVA acceleration program, where we have been able to learn from the best in each area of action, always with an attentive follow-up of the entire Adventurees team. We have evolved at all levels of the business, and have been given all the tools to be able to present a coherent investment proposal at the final Investors Day. For all these reasons we have to say that a part of the future success that Invisible Collector will have will be, without a doubt, "the fault" of BBVA and Adventurees!

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Oscar Anzola
Founder of WayApp Pay
The BBVA Open Innovation program has been of great value in improving WayApp Pay's business plan and focus. Following the Goldsmith Model has been very valuable, the mentors feedback and constructive comments has influenced key aspects of our business, we have learned from other startups in the program, and look forward to the opportunity of attracting investors.
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Alejandro Villalonga
CEO of Lendmarket
Participating in the acceleration program has allowed us to evolve our business model, relying on the Goldsmith Method, based on 3 pillars (marketing, business and technology), fundamental to create a sustainable startup.
In addition, the mentors have helped us to identify business risks in order to mitigate them and strengthen our weaknesses as well as create different barriers to entry. A unique opportunity that we have taken full advantage of to prepare Lendmarket to be a reference company in the Fintech sector.
Thank you very much Adventurees and BBVA for the opportunity.
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Gabriel Ayala
Founder at Suscrip.com
The Adventurees program with BBVA has helped us to focus much better on the roadmap for growth. Among other things, in these 10 months we have managed to define our business model and improve the internal processes of the application to have better conversion ratios. It has also allowed us to get to know the ecosystem and build connections that will undoubtedly continue to provide value even though the program has come to an end. I cannot write these lines without thanking Yael and Nacho for the time they have invested in Suscrip, without them it would not have been the same.
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